A Dream Fulfilled

Adrian Kearney has always wanted to work with animals. He has such a way with them that he has been referred to as “The Dog Whisperer” because he makes friends with all animals very quickly. He has been a dog trainer for more than 35 years and for a long time wanted to spend his working life with animals.

That dream was fulfilled 10 years ago when he set up his company AK Pet Service which transports pets and their owners to and from, vets, groomers, holiday destinations, kennels and catteries etc. Since then he has helped over 6000 clients and their owners and has attended countless accidents, rescued many animals (and brought them back to life) and delivered numerous litters of puppies. He has had many endorsements from happy customers, particularly those who are housebound.

This week sees the launch of his new web site www.akpetservice.co.uk . There are numerous helpful articles, videos, photographs and directories. A full description of Adrian’s van, equipment (including cameras which monitor each animal he is transporting), and promoting his Pet Ambulance Service. The web site can be easily navigated and it has been put together by Stuart Kenny through his company Liquid Computing. It truly describes “a dream fulfilled”.