Adrian Kearney

My Story

For many years Adrian ran a successful business employing several vans and drivers.

He is now well known for his love of animals and is often referred to as “the dog whisperer” because he is able to communicate so well with his charges.

More and more people asked him to transport their animals, so he dropped his general courier business in favour of the pet service.

Over the years Adrian has transported many animals and loves the way that they so often recognise him after several years’ absence. He treats each animal as if it was his own which is the main reason why he has chosen to remain the sole proprietor of the business.

Adrian’s care for his charges is legendary. He has lost count of the number of puppies he has delivered on his way to the vets and of the number of animals he has resuscitated. His Christian faith means that he cares for the animals owners, too, when they get into difficulty. His 40 years experience as a dog trainer gives him a significant advantage in talking to owners as well as their pets.

Adrian has transported all kinds of animals – dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters and other rodents, ferrets and reptiles.

Who can you trust

Why select Adrian to transport your pet? transport your pet?

Concern for pet welfare
Ability to transport your pet safely and with care
Pet transportation knowledge, skills and ability
Empathy and understanding with pet owners

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