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Pet Carrier & Transport Service

Pet Carrier & Transport Service

Fast and Reliable Pet Carrier & Transport Service

AK Pet Service - We use DEFRA approved travel cages and bedding & have a Pet Transport CertificateAK Pet Service is licensed and approved to carry and transport your household pet(s) from one location to another.

As such we collect and deliver your household pets such as your dog, cat, hamster, gerbil, parrot etc., to your chosen location and return them back again.

We are DEFRA Registered holding animal transport certificates. Our vehicles are fitted with pet cages, providing secure travel compartments for your pets. The vehicles also protect your pet from direct sunlight and provide a safe environment for them whilst in transit.

What some customers use us for…


For some customers we transport their pets to the vets and back home again.


For some customers we transport their cats and/or dogs to the cattery or kennels whilst they are away on holiday. We then provide a collection service to take them home on their return.


For some customers we transport their cats and/or dogs to and from a holiday destination.


For some customers we transport all of their household pets to their new home


Remember we move all types of pets not just Cats and Dogs


Nothing is too much trouble for us and it is important to us that we keep close to our customers.

That is why we always stay in touch, giving notice of any traffic delays or problems and why we call our customers when their delivery has been completed.


Animal welfare is our number one concern