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The Dog Grooming Studio (Kent) enhances the fur’s hygiene and appearance.

A pet requires a regular grooming not only to make it nice to hug or get ready for a dog show. It’s also a hygiene practice that enhances wellness and quality of your companion’s life. It may be challenging to carry out bath and haircut at home.

Here, the groomers have the necessary tools. After the groomer’s work, the pet looks and feels better, and its owner gets rid of pet hair on clothes.

The Dog Grooming Studio (Kent) is located in United Kingdom, ME20 6TJ, Aylesford, 60 Thackeray Rd.

Contact Information
60 Thackeray Road, Lunsford, Aylesford, ME20 6TJ, United Kingdom, Kent ME20 6TJ
Telephone: 07939 872 008

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