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Skylark Vets: why choose us?

Charlotte and her team are your friendly, compassionate staff at Skylark Vets, based in Kent. We love working with a wide variety of species, be they feathered, scaly or hairy! We have a static clinic based in Edenbridge as well mobile veterinary clinic equipped with both diagnostic and surgical facilities. This enables us to provide premium care at your house.

Does your pet feel stressed, anxious or fearful about going to see the vet? Do you find it difficult to round up your pet ready for the trip, or to find the time to get to the veterinary clinic? Does your pet suffer with car sickness? Do you find it difficult to get to your vets? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, Skylark Vets may be able to help you!

Contact Information
The Bungalow, Skinners Lane, Edenbridge, TN8 6LW, United Kingdom, Kent TN8 6LW
Telephone: 01732 863 229

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