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Hi to all,

My name is Emily and I have been grooming a couple of years now. I qualified a level 1 dog grooming course and then went straight into training at a dog groomers! I decided that I wanted to go it alone so after nearly a year at the salon I left to go self employed. It has taken time and a lot of planning but I have done it!

So here is my aim!

I specialise in dogs that are nervous, maybe due to a bad previous grooming experience, or are just a nervous dog. I strongly believe in working at a pace which is comfortable for the dog, whether that means a groom takes one or four hours. Or maybe only doing baby steps to get the dog used to the whole experience. That is fine!

Grooming is meant to be such an enjoyable experience, mainly for the dog, but also for owners and groomer too!

·       I do not use muzzles (I own one for extreme occasions!) because I strongly feel that by using a muzzle it creates more fear in the dog.

·       I do not use drying cages.

·       I work in a calm, quite and comfortable environment!

And I give the best cuddles and kisses to doggies!


Thank you for reading, please feel free to ask as many questions as you like!


Keep Wagging,

Emily, Franks Dog Grooming & Canine Services.

Contact Information
Emmerson Gardens, Whitstable, CT5 2NA, United Kingdom, Kent CT5 2NA
Telephone: 07746 617 383

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